About the company 

The company was founded in 1977. The head office and sales department is located in Malmo, Sweden. The company is Europe's largest subcontracting company for the manufacture of products made of cast marble. Production flexibility allows the company to supply over 2000 different models of its products to original equipment manufacturers for bathrooms and kitchens around the world. Production area in 2012 is ​​about 35,000 sq.m. The staff are about 500 employees. Forms, machinery and production lines are made of special projects, to make better use of materials, optimization of production, packaging and delivery. Products are tested according to European standards and a requirement has been certified by CE. 

The unique composite material, which is called ceramics XXI century can accurately, repeated any predetermined shape. Eco-Friendly, consisting of 75% natural marble - it is safe for the environment. 
There are actually no limits on the design of such a product. If you can imagine a form, you can be sure that it is possible to do. Cast marble has a delicate sheen, which is superior to shine other materials used in the bathroom. It gives a feeling of warmth and provides everyday utility. 
In 2013, based on the classic polymer composition has developed a new material –

Evermite - a unique material, which makes the product more durable and strong. Perfectly smooth surface protects it from absorption, scratches and wastage associated with everyday use. It does not require special care, and even after years of use will look like new. The exceptional properties of Evermite were confirmed by a number of tests conducted by independent researchers and certification institutions. 

Newcomer of 2014! Self-direction for a complete bathroom and a shower room - shower enclosures (shower panels) in a classic style that extends the original idea of ​​the range of baths. For this project we invited the leading architects from different design studios. Their ideas are now being realized, which we, with pleasure bring to your attention. In our production processing technology used only natural materials: glass, aluminum, etc. Thanks to modern equipment we are talking about reliable and relevant product for the end user/consumer. Safe tempered glass 6 mm thick. Steel hinges with a lifting effect. Easy Clean coating for easy cleaning. A wide range of dimensions and configuration. All kinds of accessories and decor range. This is not the whole range of features offered by Romance! We hope that our product will bring you only pleasant and positive emotions!